Justin Shave – Head Composer/Music Producer

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Shave has been producing music since he was 19 and is one of the most sought-after and awarded music producers in the country.

Highly skilled in both classical and modern electronic composition and production, he works for the biggest directors and brands in the world including Citroen, Bacardi, Toyota, Jim Beam, Coke, Volkswagen and Shine. His extensive artist credits include collaborations with Shapeshifters, Fatboy Slim, Darren Hayes (of 25 million selling duo, Savage Garden), Mutya Buena, Cerrone, Antigone and Etherfox.

With many intriguing strings to his bow, Shave also pursues science and technology projects, developing his own synthesizers, doing podcasts with Dr. Karl and consulting for Native Instruments Berlin and Peter Vogel of Fairlight fame.